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Intervention ASAP

Nationwide Intervention & Behavioral Health Services

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Approach your loved one with a specialized interventionist.


Specialized recovery strategy to help your loved one achieve successful long term recovery.

Recovery Management

Dedicated to our clients and their recovery!

“Our Mission is to Help Families with a Loved One Struggling with Alcohol or Drug Addiction

It is our stead-fast goal at Intervention ASAP to help ease emotional strain, provide hope, and add guidance and direction for all those impacted from the effects of mental health issues and substance abuse disorders.

We strive to provide the highest level of therapeutically driven personalized care to each client we work with. Our staff is respectfully compassionate while pushing our clients to attaining recovery progression.

We are dedicated to working with our clients and their family providing provision throughout their recovery journey, thorough practical crisis planning, treatment placement assessment and family supportive services. We advocate for our clients, offering support during difficult times, education for parents, family members and friends.

We are committed to providing clients with healthy positive options that are conducive to recovery and long term growth. Intervention ASAP, believes in recovery, the healing journey and the human spirit.

Intervention ASAP is unwavering in it’s pledge to our clients that we are not and will not ever be affiliated with any treatment center or provider. This upholds the professional independence and detachment required work exclusively for our client’s needs.

Recovery Case Management

Recovery program management or case management offers clients a single point of contact within the treatment and behavioral health care system. Intervention ASAP uses professional expertise to identify multiple levels of care and appropriate treatment providers for our clients. Recovery program case management replaces a haphazard process of juggling multiple providers with a single, well-structured service tying all communication and care together, As the single point of contact, we are our clients advocate offering continuity of care throughout the step-down approach to the continuum of care.


Sober Companion Services

Our sober companions, provide one-on-one assistance within the comfort of a client’s home and community. Sober companions closely assist and develop patterns for newly recovering people who have suffered from addiction to alcohol, drug addiction, gambling addiction, porn addiction, eating disorders – all addictions. Our sober companions add accountability and a higher level of therapeutic assistance. Our companions can help notice the signs of a potential relapse, provide encouragement, and guidance while having a skilled knowledge base of addiction and recovery. Our sober companions walk with our clients, forming a strong bond to assists in the development of a community based recovery routine for optimum long- term recovery.

Treatment Placement

Navigating the large network of treatment providers can be extremely overwhelming for family members. Working with a professional help you organize appropriate placement. A treatment specialist will take into account the particular circumstances surrounding the addictive disorder, suggest the best approach, and provide guidance for what type of treatment and aftercare is needed.

Carey Davidson

Founder / Interventionist

Carey Davidson is the founder of InterventionASAP. Carey Davidson is a Certified Intervention Specialist who founded InterventionASAP out of a sincere desire to help others. Carey holds a Masters degree from the esteemed Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies. Carey is on the Arizona Board of Certification of Addiction Counselors, Vice President of the Network of Independent Interventionists and a member of the Association of Intervention Specialists. Carey provides a unique perspective of identifying, understanding and addressing Substance Abuse and other Maladaptive Conditions that can devastate families.

“We respond to all requests within hours and will travel anywhere in the world to help!”