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InterventionASAP provides help for families who are suffering from a loved one’s addiction problem. We offer Intervention Services and Recovery Management Services along with Transport Services for Adults and Adolescents.

At InterventionASAP we respond quickly to calls for help. Addiction Interventions are often a response to an ever building family crisis. Our intervention help responds to emergencies because the emotional pain and suffering of people close to the addicted individual is often extreme. The faster an intervention program begins; the sooner family members will start experiencing relief. Our Nationwide drug intervention professionals respond to where your need is.

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A Drug Intervention or Alcohol Intervention is a means tohelp an addicted person to come out of denial of their problemand accept the help they so desperately need. A professional Interventionist or Intervention Specialist isa trained addiction professional who specializes in bringing the family and the substance abuser together with the bestpossible opportunity of helping their loved one to entertreatment. Our Nationwide drug intervention professionals are ready to meet your immediate need.

During the intervention process, we work together with youto help you and your loved one to face the problem and facilitate people suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism, prescription pills and other addictions into recovery and a new life.

          “Breath easier as statistically over 86% of the people we work with go to treatment the day of theintervention. Over 97% of the people we work withget help for their addiction issues within 2 weeks ofthe formal intervention!”

“Is it possible to help a person with an addiction?”


“Our Mission is to Help Families with a Loved One Struggling with Alcohol or Drug Addiction”

Family members are affected by one persons Addiction. Wedefine professional interventionist success not only by thenumber of individuals that enter treatment through our drugand alcohol intervention services, but, more importantly, by how many families are able to move out of crisis and into changing lives via our professional intervention help. It all starts with getting intervention information and a phone call for a brief addiction assessment and then planning logistics for a family intervention.

A Drug Intevention or Alcohol Intervention is a process, often highlighted by the formal family meeting for the “formal” intervention day. Most often, the formal intervention day ends with professional intervention transportation of the chemically dependent person going directly to a rehab or treatment facility. This is the most common outcome, whether it’s a teen or young adult intervention or older adult struggling with alcohol or even a heroin intervention, prescription pill problem, meth problem or oxycontin intervention.

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