Why Are Interventions So Critically Important?

Working with us through the intervention process is what “doing everything you can” looks like to help someone struggling with mental health and/or addiction issues.  The most common response we get from those we work with is, “I wish we would have done this a couple years ago.”

An intervention is about change, action and healing. It is often the best way to “jump start” someone into making necessary changes in their life. Most families come to us emotionally, physically, and spiritually exhausted—even hopeless that things can get better. The whole family system is traumatized by one person’s illness. Our goal is to shoulder the burden for families, plan accordingly, and facilitate an intervention to accelerate the recovery healing process.

We agree with the American Medical Association that addiction is a treatable, chronic, and deadly disease. Unlike other diseases, the person suffering doesn’t know it’s a problem.  The fact is, addiction is a chronic and deadly disease that progressively gets worse over time, impacting everyone around it. Immediate action is necessary to stop the progression.

When a loved one is suffering from mental health issues, and/or an addictive disorder, it can seem like a never ending bounce from crisis to crisis. This is where we come in—to end the crisis spiral.  Our experience, education and training in all modalities of intervention combined with a team approach, allows us to help families and friends create an intervention strategy.

There’s no one-size-fits-all plan for staging an intervention, treatment placement and ongoing care. We individualize our approach to each person, which gives us the best outcomes!

95% of the people we work with end up getting help!  The worst thing you can do is nothing.  Working with the Team at InterventionASAP will give you the best chance for long-lasting, sustainable change.

We provide discreet, confidential, respectful, dedication to serving our clients beyond the “initial intervention.” This has made us leaders in the field.

It really is about change and healing for everyone that has been impacted by one person’s illness.

Basic Steps in our Intervention Process:

1.) GATHER BACKGROUND AND HISTORY: We gather and evaluate the history, socioeconomics, demographic information, social and physiological signs and symptoms, personal strengths and problem areas, in developing our individualized intervention approach.

2.) TREATMENT RECOMMENDATIONS: Based on what we learn through the history, assessment, and identified unique needs, we provide personalized treatment recommendations introducing you to the best matches for your loved one. We supply multiple options based on the financial, insurance, medical and psychological needs of our client. All necessary information and steps are completed so it is a smooth transition process from intervention to admission to the selected treatment center.

3.) INTERVENTION TEAM COORDINATION: We guide you the whole way. We can even help you decide who will be on the intervention team. It can include family members, friends, clergy, coaches, employers, employees, and more. We work with all concerned others and assemble the intervention team and coordinate around the dates.

4.) ADVANCE PLANNING AND PREPARATION: There is a lot that goes into the intervention strategy; we prepare in advance using our experience and intervention modalities to keep the process on track during the intervention.

5.) TRAVEL PLANNING: Travel, hotel stays, car rentals and transportation to and from the treatment center are all secured prior to the intervention. If plans change, our staff quickly adjusts the travel arrangements—keeping the intervention moving forward.

6.) PRE-INTERVENTION PREPARATION: The day prior to the intervention, there is a meeting with everyone except the person of concern. It is another opportunity to strategize and get everyone on the same page with consistent messaging and coordination of efforts. We will practice for the actual intervention and prepare for anything that might happen.  Everyone learns how to approach this difficult situation with compassion, teamwork, newfound strength, and genuine infectious hope for a better future.

7.) THE INTERVENTION: All agreed upon people meet with the person of concern. It can be family, friends, concerned others, and more.  Our approach is coordinated, impactful and effective.  We begin with a structured non-confrontational conversation.  Each intervention is unique.  We think outside the box, and we believe that this is about doing everything you can to save someone’s life. In fact, 85% of the people we intervene on go the day of the intervention!  Once we get a “YES” we are ready to go! With travel coordinated beforehand, we are able to accompany the patient door-to-door that day!!!

8.) POST-INTERVENTION CASE MANAGEMENT: This is an ongoing process with our clients through the length of the contract. We work with the person of concern, the family, counselors, and all involved with the ongoing change process. We act as an advocate and liaison providing oversight and course corrections in the treatment process as necessary.  Since we have no financial affiliation with any of the treatment providers we work with, our only goal is to make sure that your loved one is getting the best care possible.

Often we will provide guidance and direction in “next steps.”  Oddly enough, sometimes the easiest part of this process is to get someone into treatment. We are there with you for the long haul.  Long-term recovery takes a long-term care commitment. We expedite coordination of transitional care recommendations, so that there are no gaps in the treatment plan. We provide family coaching and education to help ensure that this is a healthy start of a lifelong recovery for everyone involved!


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