Concierge Services

Discreet, Confidential and always Professional

Addiction is a difficult illness to treat. A high profile-public status can make it that much more of a struggle. Others come to us from a higher social economic status, which allows them to address issues in ways most people can’t. This requires a seasoned professional help strategize for a successful outcome.

It is actually often harder for a person of status to get help when they are suffering because of the very fact they are who they are. That doesn’t mean they can’t get help, but it can take a different level experience, understanding and special skills are required to be effective.

We are the leader in thinking “outside of the box,” when helping people at this level, from putting together a detox in a private home to organizing private jets or air ambulances at a moments notice. We will arrange an exclusive treatment experience utilizing some of the biggest names in the field to pair our clients with the appropriate high-end treatment placement at private facility that will match their needs. We can help.

We also have people that can blend in to any situation. We can accompany, travel or live with a person long term. Often our role is simply to accompany someone safely to, from and during anything from a power business meeting, wedding, film production set or major onstage performance. We are there to support and guide the person struggling to ensure therapeutic safety and well-being is the priority.

The fact is, that there are people suffering with addiction, or other issues, that do not fit a stereotypical treatment model so are simply unable to initial doing deep therapeutic work in typical residential treatment environment, intensive or multiday workshop.


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