What are the Benefits of Recovery Management?

  • What will your loved one’s future in recovery look like?
  • What is a recovery lifestyle?
  • How will they anticipate and plan for the bumps in the road ahead?
  • What will it take to make their future in recovery different then their unhealthy past?
  • How will they create and solidify a strong foundation in the recovery community?
  • What does it take to cultivate real, long-term sobriety?
  • How will I keep my loved one’s recovery treatment providers in communication and on the same page?

Without well-designed, action oriented post-treatment plan there are many barriers for the newly recovering person. When primary inpatient treatment ends, people suffering from a mental illness or substance abuse disorder are either working on their recovery or working on their relapse.

Recovery care has advanced from an acute-care interventions like the thirty day inpatient setting to a recovery management, continuum of care, long-term approach. The safe therapeutically supported, treatment bubble is extremely necessary and shelters our clients during the initial intensive detoxification and stabilization period. Recovery case management helps our clients chart the pathway to success by filling the after-treatment gap and assisting them back into the community.

Intervention ASAP will prearrange community based support so your loved one can initiate the reconstruction of their life and build a bright, recovery focused future. Organizing community based supportive services are proven to build the foundation for long term success. We will help your loved one construct a solid recovery vision for their life and help them build an elaborate recovery support system. Intervention ASAP strives to form a congruent, over-lapping, sequential care system where our clients are equipped for the changes in care and confident in their long-term recovery strategy.

Intervention ASAP advocates for our clients in a collaborative recovery management process. The benefits are immeasurable and provide our clients with medical adherence, overall quality of care, accountability and appropriate maintenance. This allows our clients to safely leave treatment with less fear about establishing their new sober lifestyle and the freedom to rebuild their life.

“My life was well rounded and I am becoming a more comfortable version of myself, not the neurotic, boring person that I thought I would be without drugs…. I have a way to live cleanly, honestly and comfortably. I have all I need.” (From Narcotics Anonymous, 1998 pg.262)


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