Recovery Companions

Recovery companions can play an important role in establishing long term recovery. Pairing someone new to recovery with a sympathetic professional can help our clients navigate obstacles and establish healthy routines at home in their own community. Our team of companions are solid in their own recovery and contribute positively to long-term recovery achievement. They can offer indispensable support to clients who are in the beginning, hazardous stages of the recovery journey. Our companions are knowledgeable in relapse prevention methods, coping skills and crisis prevention, and have an understanding of family systems and relationship dynamics, co-occurring disorders, medication risk and management, and maintaining healthy boundaries. Our sober companions provide gender specific, one-on-one assistance to newly recovering individuals from addiction to alcohol, drug addiction, gambling addiction, porn addiction, eating disorders or any suffering individual. Intervention ASAP’s sober companions are able to provide round the clock care, be on-call, or to accompany the recovering person during particular activities like weddings, business travel or vacations. Our companions advocate for the newly recovering person and solidify establishing a solid foundation of new recovery behaviors and routines. Our Recovery companions are trained and experienced in guiding our clients to a healthy lifestyle, adding structure and accountability.


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