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Recovery Management

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We are committed to helping all whom have been impacted by addictive disorders, mental health problems and behavioral health issues. We will develop individualized approaches and treatment plans designed to achieve long term recovery. InterventionASAP believes in professionalism in all matters, collaboration with health care providers and we endorse long-term therapeutic support..


       It is our steadfast goal to ease emotional strain, provide hope, guidance and direction for all loved ones suffering. We provide the highest level of therapeutically-driven, evidenced-based personalized care to clients and their families. Our staff is compassionate, professionally guiding clients to attain and maintain long-term recovery.

We are dedicated to working with clients and their families throughout their recovery journey, offering practical crisis planning, treatment placement, family supportive services and case management. We advocate for our clients, providing support during difficult times, education for parents, family members and friends.

We accomplish this through intervention and therapeutic care, education, crisis management, action planning, treatment resourcing and placement.

The professionals at InterventionASAP are committed in their pledge to clients to be independent and receive no financial compensation for referring anyone to any treatment center or provider. We are always motivated by clinical excellence not financial reward. This upholds the professional independence and financial detachment required to work in the best interest of our clients.

“Carey’s passion for recovery changed my daughter’s life. The nightmare we were once living is over. Since the intervention, my daughter has worked through three months of inpatient treatment and successfully completed six months in an intensive sober living home. She now has a job supporting herself and has gained custody of her three year old son again. The miracle of recovery in my family is priceless. We hope she never struggles again, but know Carey and his team are always there to help and support us through it.”

-Jenny M. (Anonymous mother)

“I was hopeless and overwhelmed, skeptical and terrified for my son. I didn’t know where to begin. A friend referred Carey after a successful intervention with her nephew, and I will always be indebted. This man truly leads with his heart. He showed my family such compassionate, comforting support. His team planned every detail of my son’s intervention from flights, to treatment center choices to aftercare. My family was able to unwind and focus on what was important. He was amazing throughout the intervention, and I cannot thank him enough for getting us so far from where we came. He has a fantastic team. They anticipated every curve ball that Luke threw at them. The team at Intervention ASAP was instrumental in changing the future of my family. “

-Cathey C. (Anonymous Mother)

“My husband was suffering, but his career wasn’t. It was very hard to get him help, or convince family members and friends too, when on the outside, he seemed to be doing so well. People looked at us on social media and thought we had the perfect life, but that was far from the truth. I was tired of enabling him, hiding his secrets and seeing my family suffer. My husband, a business executive, needed a customized treatment plan with an extremely discrete, confidential approach. Carey paired my husband with the perfect treatment center choice where he was surrounded by other professionals. He was able to identify with the other men around him and that was so important to me. He has been out of treatment for over a year, but still has a weekly conference call every Wednesday at 12:00 with “the guys” from treatment. Since treatment, Carey accompanied my husband on multiple business trips to help support his sobriety. My husband travels often. When needed, we worked with other recovery companions on the Intervention ASAP team, and they were extremely professional. My family is no longer suffering in silence. Thank you Intervention ASAP!”

-Daniella B. (Anonymous wife)

“We used Carey to transport my son to a psychiatric facility. My son did not only suffer from addiction but mental illness as well. We needed someone with real experience to get him from our home to a psychiatric care hospital in Ohio. Somehow we found Carey Davidson. He was amazing with my son and got him safely to treatment. We had such a wonderful experience and Chuck bonded so quickly with Carey that we hired him for case management. We knew he would need further treatment. We didn’t know the best choices to make because of his complex needs. Intervention ASAP handled everything for us, and my son is doing very well in treatment. He is four months sober and will be visiting this weekend on a pass! We are thrilled for our son’s progress!

-Pam M. (Anonymous Mother)



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