Case Management



Our individual Case Management offers a way to navigate the maze of treatment options and manage the recovery process.  We hold the treatment providers accountable and provide oversight for all situations with the provider’s care. We become a single point of contact providing strategy and guidance, while ensuring collaboration and information flow.  We are vigilant in doing what is in the best interest for our clients and families. We know how to navigate the treatment maze and behavioral health care systems. Since we know the internet can be misleading, we interview, evaluate and personally visit all treatment centers we work with.

We don’t believe there is a “one-size-fits-all” approach to someone’s care plan. Intervention ASAP collaborates with professionals while utilizing our expertise and experience as we coordinate and communicate with everyone involved. We identify and execute an individualized “treatment plan” that will give us the best chance for sustainable health and healing.  We believe in appropriate levels of care and an individualized plan. Recovery program Case Management replaces a haphazard process of juggling multiple providers by consolidating all communication into a single well-structured service which ties all recovery care efforts together to provide the best possible outcome. We adapt to our client’s needs and advocate for them, ensuring the best in continuity of care throughout the Case Management process.



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