Treatment Placement

Weather you have a loved one suffering with a behavioral health disorder or mental health issue, eating disorder, process addiction or other addictive disorder, navigating the large network of treatment providers can be extremely overwhelming. There are several different clinical categories of treatment care that vary in intensity. Working with the professional team at Intervention ASAP is essential for appropriate placement. Our treatment specialists will assess the particular circumstances of your loved one and build an individualized treatment plan, make recommendations and secure treatment care.


Levels of Care

Medically Supervised Detox is necessary for a more comfortable removal of toxins from the body. The clinical team will be able to address any medical risks caused by no abstinence from drugs or alcohol. Some inpatient treatment centers provide detox and some do not.

Intensive outpatient does not require the individual to live at the facility where treatment is being provided, but does offer clients the chance to receive therapeutic support, learn coping skills, and integrate into the recovery community.

Residential treatment offers 24 hour care. Our clients are completely therapeutically supported and fully integrate into the recovery community.  The average stay is 30-90 days.

Sober Living is designed to provide accountability for someone coming out of rehab, involved in outpatient treatment programs, or if they relapsed.  Sober Living group homes provide structure, requiring residents adhere to a curfew, go work during the day, drug test, do chores etc.

Dual Diagnosis treatment programs will develop personalized plans that address all underlying issues fueling an addiction, such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, borderline personality, depression and trauma. Many treatment centers claim they are dual diagnosis but are unable to meet the complex needs of acute care. Finding the proper treatment center is critical.

Psychiatric Hospitalization programs provide comprehensive mental health care for individuals suffering with common and more complex mental illnesses mental illness. Most programs offer a diagnostic period or residential services.


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