Why do Families Need Consulting?

We know you are disheartened, disconnected and have no idea where to turn. Most families come to us hopeless and at the end of their rope. Dealing with a family member in crisis with a mental health disorder or substance abuse issue can wreak havoc on the family system.

Creating a recovery plan with structure, organization and contacting treatment providers while your family is in crisis is unbearable for most. The crisis itself has family members emotionally exhausted and in need. Behavioral health consulting services help families identify their needs and goals and facilitate a plan for crisis stabilization with agencies operating on all levels of care.

We work with our clients and their families through crisis stabilization, inpatient primary care, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, outpatient and more. Intervention ASAP has professional industry resources and years of expertise to help your family reach your goals to obtaining optimal health.

We will help your family understand addiction, navigate the large world of treatment and recovery and make a plan to effectively treat your loved one’s illness. The consultants at Intervention ASAP will help your family kindle the hope so your loved one is able to reclaim their life and make a plan for a fresh start in recovery.


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